Last Message

A crime has been committed… The victim is unable to speak… But they can draw!

You’ll need to decipher the clues through drawings! Keep a sharp eye, the culprit covers their tracks by erasing clues.

Can you catch the criminal from blurred sketches?

What’s in the box?

  • One screen
  • 12 double sided sheets
  • three folded sheets
  • four erasable boards
  • two dry erase markers
  • one transparent token
  • one sand timer

 How to play:

The victim has four rounds to help the detectives determine the identity of the criminal, based on their clues. If they find the criminal, the detectives, and the victim win, but it won’t be easy, the criminal can erase part of their drawings!

Choose one player to be the victim, one to be the criminal and all others will be the detectives.

Last Message is played over four rounds. Each round has three steps:

  1. The victim leaves clues.

The victim looks closely at the crime scene illustration and the elements around the character that the criminal chose. The victim has 30 seconds to draw clues on one of the boards  to help the detectives find the criminal in the crowd.

  1. The criminal covers their tracks.

The criminal then takes the board and erases a number of spaces according to the number of the current round.

  1. The detective chooses a suspect.

The criminal now gives the partially-erased board to the detectives. They add this to the boards they received in the previous rounds. Working together, the detectives choose one character in the illustration that they suspect the criminal has chosen.

The criminal then confirms if they have chosen the correct character – but gives no other information.

The game ends if the detectives find the criminal (at the end of any round) – the detectives and the victim win, or if the detectives choose the wrong character at the end of the fourth round – the criminal wins!

Good luck detectives!


This party game will test your memory and deduction skills. There are additional variants to make the game more challenging!

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Dimensions 5.2 × 16.4 × 23.2 cm






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