Ligretto Blue

Speed and reactions are vital when playing Ligretto.

Everyone tries to discard as many cards as possible in ascending order.

Reach 99 points to win – simple!

What’s in the box?

  • 160 cards

How to play:

Players deal 10 cards in front of themselves and then turn the stack over to reveal the numbers.

Players deal another three cards in a row to the right of the Ligretto stack, with the numbers face up.

The gameplay of Ligretto is simultaneous. In other words, there are no player turns. Players play cards to the table as fast as they can and at the same time.

Players then begin playing cards from their row or their hand, creating piles in the middle of the table. Each pile must begin with a 1 card and continue in numerical order until the pile has 10 cards of the same colour.

As soon as a player has no more cards left in their Ligretto stack, they shout, “Ligretto stop!” and the round ends. The player who reaches 99 points is the winner!


Combine Ligretto Blue with the red and green versions to include even more players!

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 6.8 × 10.4 × 10.2 cm



2 – 4



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