Little Factory

Become the best merchant in the town!

Will you turn wood into charcoal, charcoal into bread? You can produce, sell, trade and block your opponents to earn valuable influence points to build the perfect Little Factory!

What’s in the box?

  • 44 resource cards
    • 16 level one, 19 level two, 9 level three
  • 30 building cards
  • 12 influence point tokens
  • four starting money tiles

How to play:

Your goal is to become the best merchant! Starting with just a few coins, produce or trade resources to acquire more valuable ones. Construct buildings to gain new resources and earn influence points as proof of your hard work! Choose wisely to become the player with the most influence points to win the game!

Little Factory plays over several rounds, until one player gains their tenth or more influence points. Or until all influence tokens are held by players.

On your turn you play through these phases:

  • Start of turn: activate buildings
    • this lets you carry out the building’s effects described on the top of the building card.
  • Player action
    • during this phase you can choose to produce, or trade. To produce – choose one available resource or building card from the middle of the table, pay the cost by discarding the required cards, and then take the card and add it to your hand.
    • to trade – discard or more cards from your hand. Add the sum of the coin value shown in the upper left – to determine how many coins you can spend. Then, you gain one or more cards from those available in the middle of the table. Coin values of the cards cannot exceed what you have discarded.
  • End of turn: activate buildings
    • you can now again activate some of all your buildings that you haven’t yet activated this turn.
  • Reveal new cards
    • reveal as many cards as are needed until the row of level two resource cards has five different resources.

Ending the game: at any point during the game, if there are no more influence points on the table – the player with the highest influence points wins. If a player reaches or exceeds ten influence points they immediately win.


Little Factory is an easy to learn, resource management game. It takes place in the same universe as Little Town and was brought to us by the same authors!

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