Logic Links

It’s time to let your logic loose!

Use determination, deductive reasoning and super smarts in Logic Links. Each puzzle has a series of clues and players must figure out where to place the coloured chips to solve the puzzles!

What’s in the box?

  • 166 puzzles on 78 cards
  • 32 chips

How to play:

Each Logic Links puzzle is categorized by one of four levels, which identifies the difficulty of the puzzle and the shape of the solution:

  • beginner puzzles (purple) form a single row of chips.
  • intermediate puzzles (green) form a rectangle consisting of two rows of chips.
  • advanced puzzles (red) form a square of three rows with three chips in each row.
  • expert puzzles (blue) form a circle of seven, eight or nine chips

Each Logic Links puzzle indicates which coloured chips to use. Use the clues to arrange the chips and solve the puzzle. There is only one correct answer.

Enjoy the puzzles and let your logic loose!


The answers are contained in the instructions but…NO PEEKING!

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