Long Cow


An Udderly Ridiculous Card Game!

It’s the moo-mentous card game of competitive cattle construction! The longer the cow, the more points you score. But make hay before your herd is hit by a tornado or worse – an alien abduction!

Round up the biggest bovines and party like the cows came home!

What’s in the box?

  • 90 cards
  • Two tokens
  • One “mooer”

How to play:

Play cards to assemble cows of all different lengths and breeds. At the same time, thwart your opponents with attack cards to shrink their herds. Earn bonus ribbons for first cow, longest cow, and biggest herd. Whoever scores the most points wins!

During set-up you’ll receive 6 cards each.

On every turn, start by drawing either two cards from the top of the deck, or any one “cow” part (head middle, or tail) card from anywhere in the discard pile. Then play as many cards as you wish from your hand, there are many different types of cards you can play that have different requirements and scoring.

If you don’t want your turn, you can pass by saying ‘Your Mooooove!’

There are three types of cow you’re trying to build: Longhorn, Holstein and Highland. Certain cards allow you to cross-breed, wild cards can be what you want and there are even attack cards to try and make your opponents herds smaller!

The game ends when the last card has been drawn from the draw deck. However, everyone else gets one final turn to play any remaining cards in their hands. Tally the cards in front of you, the person with the highest total wins!


Long Cow reinforces strategic thinking and spatial relations.


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2 – 5

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