Loot Deluxe Tin


Set sail for an exciting adventure of strategy and skullduggery in this captivating card game.

Storm your opponents’ merchant ships and seize valuable treasure. But watch your back, matey – plundering pirates are out to capture your ships as well!

What’s in the box?

  • 78 cards

How to play:

Shuffle the deck and deal 6 cards to each player. Stack the remaining cards in a draw pile in the middle of the table. On your turn, complete one of the following actions:

  • Draw a card from the deck.
  • Play a merchant ship – your ship is now “at sea” and can be attacked by pirate ship cards.
  • Play a pirate ship – pirate ships are used to attack merchant ships.
  • Play a pirate captain – pirate captains strengthen your attack on a merchant ship.
  • Play the admiral – the admiral has the same strength as a pirate captain but is played to defend your own merchant ship.

Capturing merchant ships: you have captured a merchant ship at the beginning of your turn if it is:

  • Your own merchant ship that you played on your last turn and it has not been attacked by pirates.
  • Any merchant ship where you have been able to retain the highest attack strength since your last turn.

The game ends when the draw pile has been depleted and one player is out of cards. Any uncaptured merchant ships left in play are placed in the discard pile. Total all of the gold coins from the merchant ships you’ve won. The player with the highest score wins!


Loot Deluxe Tin reinforces strategic thinking.

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