Lost Seas


Ahoy there!

There is host of terrible tales surrounding the mysterious unchartered depths of the Lost Seas. Get ready to arm yourselves with the latest instruments of navigation and prepare to set sail on a daring exploration of the lost seas. If you succeed, the glory will be yours and your map will be legendary!

What’s in the box?

  • One first player token
  • 65 Sea exploration tiles
  • 44 Double sided expedition tiles

How to play

Your mission is to win the most victory points by strategically positioning Sea Exploration tiles.

The game is played in clockwise turns from the first player. For a four player game, each player takes one tile. Three player, two players take a tile for themselves and return one to the box and one player chooses their tile. In a two player game, both players choose a tile for themselves and return another to the box.

A sea exploration tile chosen by a player must be placed on their map in the intersection of the row of an expedition tile with the column of another expedition tile. This new Sea Exploration tile must be placed on an empty space.

Then, turn four new tiles from the pile and place these next to the last sea exploration tile from the previous round.

When all players have placed their 16th sea exploration tile on their map, it’s time for the scoring. In terms of victory points depend on if the requirements of the exploration tiles have been met.

The person with the highest score wins.


There is a young mapmaker mode so younger kids can play too!

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Blue Orange


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