Magic Maze: Maximum Security

Time to sneak past the maximum security!

For some time, Magic Maze has been robbed by dastardly adventurers! Management has installed new security systems in an attempt to catch the thieves. This expansion brings the mall guards to life, and provides other modules of play.

What’s in the box?

  • Four guard pawns
  • 13 mall tiles
  • One beholder on a plastic stand
  • Various tokens: (6 Anti-Stress tokens [1 Sand Timer, 2 Swap, 3 Loudspeaker] + 4 Ventilation Shaft tokens [2 dark gray, 2 light gray] + 3 Wall Breach tokens + 2 Telekinesis tokens + 10 Spell tokens + 12 Out of Order tokens + 1 Sensor token + 1 Busy token [Ice Cream]) + 2 Spell rings

How to play

Maximum Security contains 13 modules to use in whatever combination you like to enhance your games.

It is recommended to start out by reading about the guards and anti stress tokens and the details of each expansion module.

This expansion brings the mall guards to life, and you are able to customise your gaming experience by combining different modules. ‘Helpers’ that decrease the difficulty, and ‘challenges’ which increase the difficulty.

Happy playing!


The rules include a checklist at the end so you can tick off your progress!


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Additional information

Weight 0.56 kg
Dimensions 4 × 24.6 × 24.6 cm

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