Match 5

Can you match all 5?

Think, link and create combinations! Find a common link between two icons on the dice, your imagination is your only limit as you try to find an answer to ten combinations in three minutes.

What’s in the box?

  • 10 unique dice
  • 10 word tiles
  • 1 notepad
  • 1 sand timer

How to play

Match 5 has you finding a common link between 2 concepts. You have three minutes to use your imagination and write down a link for each of the ten dice combinations. If you have the most points after two rounds, you win! Play in the below steps.

  1. Roll the five dice and place each one in the space that matches its colour and symbol.
  2. Flip the sand timer, you now have three minutes to write a link for each of the ten dice combinations on the corresponding spaces of the notepad sheet.
  3. Once time is up, put your pen down, and take turns reading your links out loud, and voting on each others links, one dice combination at a time.
  4. Accepted link: majority of players approve of the link. A contested link: majority of players contest it, then the link is refused.
  5. An accepted link scores one point. Contested links score 0.

After two rounds, add up the points you scored in each round. Whoever has the most points is the winner.


Match 5 encourages thinking outside the box!

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