Meeple Land


Roll up, roll up! Build the most renowned amusement park of all time! Offer the best rides and services to ensure all your customers have a fun time. Unsatisfied customers will cost you…

What’s in the box?

  • Four individual plot boards
  • One parking lot board
  • Four plot extension tiles
  • Four extra park entrances
  • 101 attraction/service tiles
  • 17 bus tiles
  • 124 visitor meeples
  • One park tickets token
  • One round marker
  • 52 coins
  • Four player park entrances
  • One scorecard notebook

How to play:

The game is played in four rounds made up of several turns. On your turn:

  • Buy a tile: you must choose and buy one of the central market tiles. This can be an attraction, a service, a plot extension or a park entrance.
  • Advertise: you can buy an advertisement for the price indicated on the tile. You will receive the visitors indicated on the advertisement.
  • Pass: if you cannot buy a tile, or do not wish to on your turn, you must pass. Once you pass, you cannot carry out an action until the end of the round.

The round ends once all players have passed and collected a bus card.

At the end of the round you will:

  • Welcome visitors: place the Meeples from your bus card to your park entrance(s) and discard the bus card. Visitors at the entrance(s) can then be placed on any free space that matches their colour.
  • Receive revenue: each visitor inside the park earns you $1 and visitors on the special spaces each you $1 more.
  • Determine the first player: the player with the least money becomes the first player of the next round.
  • Place the new buses: complete the parking lot board by drawing new buses so that there are as many buses as players plus one.

The game ends at the end of the 4th round. Players then use their scorecard to calculate their total reputation points and the player with the highest amount wins!

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