Metro X


X marks the stops! Flip a card, choose a subway line, and cross off the given number of stops on your map. Earn bonuses for making transfers but lose points for incomplete tracks.

Everyone plays at the same time, so there’s never a dull moment as you race to complete routes. Get the highest score and become an underground sensation!

What’s in the box?

  • 15 transit cards
  • Six double-sided subway maps
  • Six dry-erase markers
  • Six summary cards

How to play:

At the start of every turn, the designated card flipper reveals the top card of the transit deck and discards it face-up next to the deck. All players must now simultaneously pick a route on their own board with an empty train car window, filling it in with either a number or X based on the revealed card, and subsequently mark off the appropriate stations along the train’s route.

There are four types of transit cards:

  1. Number: fill in any empty train car window with the number on the card. Then, on that subway route find the first empty station space from the start point and cross it off.
  2. Skip: skip cards function the same as number cards with one exception: you can skip over previously crossed off stations along a route.
  3. Transfer: fill in an empty train car window with an X. Then, on that subway route find the first empty station space from the start point and fill it with a number equal to twice (2x) the number of train lines that make a stop there.
  4. Free Space: cross off any one empty station, anywhere on your board.

The game ends after all the train car windows are filled. Most points wins!


Metro X reinforces probability and strategic thinking skills. A flip and write!

Metro X Print & Play

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