Get ready to Monki around!

Deep in the heart of the jungle a battle is raging around the temple to become the leader of the tribe. Seek the coveted, precious fruit to win! Take risks with the fruit, but beware, gluttony could play tricks on you…

What’s in the box?

  • Four temple boards
  • Four round boards
  • Two individual boards
  • Eight rubis tokens
  • Two monkeys miniatures
  • 40 jar tokens
  • 28 grass tokens
  • One rulesheet

How to play

Monki is a push your luck game where you choose either to search jars or to recover tokens from one of the four round boards. You can decide to discover several fruits, BUT if two fruits of the same appear, your turn ends!

Be the first to collect eight fruit tokens to complete the first row of your board, OR be the first to collect the Four Golden Fruit tokens to complete the second row of your board.

On your turn, take the following actions;

  1. Move your Monki orthogonally or diagonally by any number of squares to a free square.
  2. Collect fruit – your monki can collect fruit from the temple boards or a statue. On your turn you need to choose!

After your Monki has moved, they can open any jar from its row or column, as long as it is acceptable. Reveal the top token of the jar. After you reveal a token, the token remains in place. At this step, you can either choose to keep revealing tokens or stop.

If you choose to keep going, turn over another jar. If you turn over a duplicate your turn ends immediately. Once you STOP you collect your fruit tokens place them on top of the statue board where you received this token. You may never collect the same token twice. You can also collect golden fruit to add to your collection.

Your turn ends after step 2. The game ends when someone collects eight fruit tokens to complete the first road of their board. OR when someone collects the four golden fruit required to complete the second row of their board.


Monki is a push your luck challenge!

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