Museum Suspects


Sound the alarm and lock the doors, quickly! A priceless museum artifact has been stolen, it’s up to you to unmask the culprit hidden among the sneaky suspects already in the building. Find clues, solve the mystery and don’t let the thief escape!

What’s in the box?

  • 24 suspect tiles
  • One emergency exit tile
  • 32 clue cards
  • 48 investigation tokens
  • Four detective tokens
  • Four notebooks
  • Four pencils

How to play

Find the thief or thieves from the 16 suspects by looking at clues in the museum. Note this down in your notebook during your six turns to help you with your investigation.

The player who bets the most on the real thief of thieves will win the game.

The game is played in six rounds.

On your turn you must carry out two actions

  1. Investigate a clue
  2. Suggest a suspect

To investigate a clue, check from one of the eight rules available. Clues will help you find out which suspects are innocent. Either there is no investigation token on the clue, meaning the player can look at the clue. If there are investigation tokens the player must make sure then have the same amount or more of the highest value token on this clue card, otherwise they cannot look.

Once the player has looked, the secretly write it in their notebook, then place a value token on that clue card.

Suggest a suspect: the active player must place one of their investigation tokens face down either on: one of the 16 suspect tiles, or on the emergency exit tile.

The game ends after six rounds have been played. The clue cards are turned over one by one. As each clue is revealed, players must flip the corresponding suspect tiles face down as each suspect is revealed to be innocent. Three situations are possible.

  1. One suspect tile remains face up
  2. The thief was not among the 16 suspects
  3. Several suspect tiles are left face up

In a tie, players share the win. If no one made correct suspicions, then no one wins the game.


Museum Suspects tests your powers of observation.

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Additional information

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 4 cm

Blue Orange


2 – 4



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