In this fast-paced bluffing game, can you capture the creatures from Ancient Greece that have escaped?

Be careful not the cross the path of the terrible Charon, keeper of the Underworld! He is only interested in taking you on a one way trip to Hell!

What’s in the box?

  • 55 Amphora cards (40 Creature & 15 Charon)
  • One first player pawn

How to play:

Shuffle all Amphora cards and give 5 cards to each player. Put the rest of the Amphora cards in a pack, face down, in the centre of the table, as the draw.

The player who has the first player pawn chooses a card in their hand of cards and offers it by putting it face down in front of another player of his choice.

  • If the card offered is a Creature card, you must say out loud the number of the card without lying.
  • If the card offered is a Charon card, you can (and should) lie by saying out loud any number you wish.

The player who gets the card has 3 choices:

  • To accept the card and place face up in front of them.
  • To refuse the card and pass it back.
  • To add a from their hand, face down, and passes the two cards to another player.

As soon as a player turns the cards face up in front of them, it ends the round. The Creature cards in front of you face up bring you closer to victory. Add their value to the ones you won before.

The game may end 3 ways:

  • A player reaches or exceeds the number of points required becomes the chosen one!
  • If players are eliminated as they have 3 Charons, the last one standing wins the game.
  • When a total number of 9 Charon cards are face-up on the table, the game ends. the player who has the higher number of points wins the game.


Part of the IELLO mini-games range. Great for on the go gaming! If you like the bluffing in Cockroach poker, you’ll love Nessos!

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