Arrange your clan tokens to gain the favour of the emperor. Replace a garden tile with one of your clan tokens, limiting your opponent’s choices.

Positioning your Geishas in a row or square will win control of the garden! Prove ultimate control by blocking your opponent from entering the garden.

What’s in the box?

  • Eight red geisha tokens
  • Eight black geisha tokens
  • 16 Imperial garden tiles

How to play:

The starting player must take a border tile from the garden. Remove the chosen tile and put it face up on the table. Then place one of your geisha tokens on this position.

The garden tile which is taken out of the garden defines the rules for the second player. The next player must place their geisha token according to the rules. They can only remove a tile which matches one of the two symbols as the previous removed tile.

The next player removes a garden tile according to the rules and replaces it with a geisha token of their own. They place the removed tile face up on the table. Again, this tile defines the rules for the other player. The game continues like this until one player achieves one of the winning conditions:

  • A vertical, horizontal or diagonal row of 4 geishas of one player’s colour.
  • A square of 4 geishas of one player’s colour.
  • One player is blocked so they cannot move anymore.


Okiya reinforces focus and attention, problem solving and visual perception skills.

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