Panic Diner


Your team has one week to save the reputation of the restaurant! It’s time to panic! In this cooperative game, you must find your customers’ orders amongst those mixed in the
centre of the table.

But don’t forget to wash the dishes! Every day brings a new challenge. Keep your customers happy to win the game!

What’s in the box?

  • 1 game board
  • 1 dishwasher (lid box)
  • 48 dish tokens (double-sided)
  • 15 star tokens
  • 7 trophy tokens
  • 40 customer cards (round)
  • 20 challenge cards (square)
  • 90-second hourglass timer

How to play:

The game is played over 7 rounds. One round corresponds to one day’s work. However, a day at Panic Diner only lasts 90 seconds!

To ensure a successful day, you must manage to collect all of the star tokens that have been placed around the timer. But that’s not all: every day is livened up by an event or a challenge in addition to your main objective. All this is decided by the challenge cards.

Look at the challenge card you have turned over during set up. Turn the timer upside down to start counting and you’re off! Each player flips their customer card face-up. As quickly as possible, find the dishes ordered by your customers.

The game ends after 7 rounds. This marks the end of the week and it’s time to check your restaurant’s reputation.

To find this out, count the number of success trophies you have obtained:

  • 0-3: Close your doors, your restaurant is a disaster!
  • 4-5: Not a bad restaurant, but the service sometimes takes a while.
  • 6-7: Congratulations! You’ve earned all these good reviews.

Panic Diner reinforces cooperation, processing speed, fine motor, and visual perception skills.

There is a variation to make this even more eventful!

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