Pappy Winchester


Pappy Winchester has kicked the bucket, he was the king of swindlers and everyone knows he was filthy rich!

His final wish was that his descendants would share his fortune and the plots of his ranch. After all, for him the most important thing was that his money stayed in the family!

What’s in the box?

  • 1 game board
  • 110 $1000 bank notes
  • 50 hat tokens in different player colours
  • 43 tokens
  • 30 cards
  • 1 first player token
  • 1 locomotive
  • 1 boat
  • 1 auction in progress token

How to play:

Each turn is carried out in three steps:

  • Bidding on land

Starting with the first player and moving clockwise, you are free to choose one of the following actions:

Bid: either by bidding first or by outbidding the previous player‘s bid by at least $1000.

Pass: if you can no longer participate in the current auction, then you can pass. Bidding continues until all but one of the players have passed.

  • Buying a plot

If you win the action you take possession of the land. You’ll need to pay the other players the correct value first.

  • Checking objectives

If you have completed any of the shared objectives, then you discard that card and take the prize!

Once all 19 plots have been bought, the game ends. If you’re the richest player at the end of the game, you become the new head of the family!


Pappy Winchester reinforces problem solving, maths and social play skills

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Blue Orange


3 – 5



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