Q-bitz Solo (Orange Edition)


Use Q-bitz Solo as a solitaire challenge or to add another player, a new colour and additional pattern cards to the original Q-bitz game.

What’s in the box?

  • 20 new pattern cards
  • One wooden tray
  • 16 cubes
  • Travel friendly tin

How to play:

Round 1

Turn over the top Q-bitz card. Race to recreate the pattern shown on the card, rotating the cubes in any way, and positioning them in the tray.

Round 2
Turn over the top Q-bitz card. Roll all of the cubes on the table like dice. Using the cubes as rolled (face up), place as many cubes as possible in the tray to recreate the pattern shown on the card. Re-roll all remaining unusable cubes until shapes needed to recreate the pattern are rolled.

Round 3
Turn over the top Q-bitz card. You have 10 seconds to memorise the card. Turn the card facedown and arrange the cubes in the tray to match the card from memory. Try to complete the pattern or get the most cubes in the correct place. If you get stuck, take up to two peeks to help complete the pattern.

How you play is completely up to you! You could even add a timer and record your score see how quickly you can complete each round of play.


Q-bitz Solo stimulates the brain to use spatial reasoning, visual dexterity and memory skills. In a handy travel tin, it is perfect for on the go gaming. Or combine with Q-bitz to hold a five player game!

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