Quacks & Co: Quedlinburg Dash

Saddle up and get ready to Dash!

It’s market day, and the kids are taking part in the annual BIG race. Feed your four legged animal friends to entice them forward along the track. But watch out, some of the food might make them nap along the way!


What’s in the box?

  • 162 food chips
  • 18 dream weed chips
  • 26 four – leaf clovers
  • 40 rubies
  • One golden cauldron
  • Four playing figures (donkey, sheep, pig, cow)
  • One game board
  • Four food bags
  • Four animal cards
  • Two dice
  • Six action cards


How to play:

Begin by each person choosing a playing figure, and taking the corresponding animal card.

On your turn, pick out a food chip from your food bag – without looking.

If you pick a food chip; your animal is happy and you move tha animal forward the number of spaces shown on the chip. Then, you perform the task stated on the action card. The colour of the chip indicates which action card you need to follow. If you pick a sugar beet later in the game, you can advance eight space.

If you pick out a dream weed chip, that means your animal goes to sleep and does not advance during this turn. Place the chip on the vacant dream bubble.

Red action chips earn you rubies that you can then buy new chips. The more chips in your food bag, the more chance you have of moving your animal forward!

The first player to reach the market in Quedlinburg is the winner and awarded the golden cauldron!


The Quacks Dash game board has two sides for more expansions to play!

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Additional information

Weight 1.76 kg
Dimensions 29.6 × 30 × 7.6 cm





2 – 4

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