A follow on from the award-winning bestseller Qwixx.

It’s a race to fill your scoresheets with numbers as quickly – and as highly – as possible in order to score the most points!

What’s in the box?

  • Three dice
  • A scorepad
  • Four pencils

How to play:

Decide how many dice you want to roll, whether 1, 2 or 3. Roll your die or dice and call out the sum.

Now all players can (but do not have to) write down the sum that was called out into exactly one field on their score sheets. The sum can only be entered into a row that matches in colour with the dice that were rolled. Within a coloured row, the numbers must be in ascending order from left to right and no number may appear more than once in the same row. Within a column no number may appear more than once. The order of the numbers in a column doesn’t matter.

It is a failed attempt if the player cannot or doesn’t want to enter a number.

The game is over when a player has two coloured rows completely filled out or when someone has recorded their fourth failed attempt. Points are recorded as follows:

  • If a coloured row contains empty fields, each entered number in this row is scored as a single point.
  • If a coloured row contains no empty fields, the number showing on the far right is scored as points.
  • If there are empty fields in a column, no bonus points are rewarded for this column.
  • If all three fields in the column are filled with numbers, the number in the bonus field is scored as bonus points.

The points from the three coloured rows and the bonus points are then added up. From this sum, subtract points for each failed attempt (-5 each). The player with the most points wins.


Perfect for on the go gaming!

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