Rock Paper Switch


Capture your way to victory in this strategical game that combines the concepts of chess with the rules of classic rock-paper-scissors.

Watch out for switch tiles, they can change the game in a single turn!

What’s in the box?

  • 60 pawns
  • Gameboard

How to play:

On your turn, move one pawn in one direction according to the
pawn’s movement ability:

  • Rock pawns move any one direction up to three spaces. Rocks can only capture scissors.
  • Paper pawns move horizontally or vertically any number of spaces. Paper can only capture rocks.
  • Scissors pawns move diagonally any number of spaces. Scissors can only capture paper.

Capturing a pawn means you land on the space it is occupying and remove it. Players cannot capture more than one of their opponent’s pawns on a turn. Players may not “jump” over or move through any other pawns on the board.

If you land on one of the four “switch” spaces, you may switch that pawn with any other pawn of yours on the board. Switching pawns is optional — you may use the “switch” space as a regular space.

The last player to have at least one of each pawn (rock, paper and scissors) remaining on the board wins. As soon as one player loses all of their rocks or all of their papers or all of their scissors they are out of the game.

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