Run Run Run!

You are exploring a mysterious Egyptian Pyramid when you discover the Relics of Tutankhanine, BUT a trap is triggered! The mummies have awakened and are hot on your heels.

Stop the multiplying mummies from touching the Relics AND open a new door to make your escape… with only five torches left your only choice is to run, run, RUN!

What’s in the box?

  • Four catventurer tiles
  • Four mummy cards
  • Three regroup tiles
  • Three boss mummy tiles
  • Four mummies and one boss
  • Four mummy dice
  • Six combat dice
  • Four catventurers
  • One Pharoah’s vault
  • One exit door
  • 64 random cards
  • Three door mechanisms
  • Five torch mechanisms
  • 20 hearts
  • 39 torches
  • 17 sarcophagus tokens

How to play:

You have entered a pyramid and accidentally set the mummies free!

Your objective is to prevent the mummies from touching the relics of the Pharaoh and activate the mechanisms that will trigger the opening of a new exit and get rid of the mummies.

You will need to work together – You win if: you place the Exit door and eliminate all mummies, including the boss from the pyramid.

You lose if: a player has to discard the last card from their hand, or a mummy reaches the Pharaohs vault.

On your turn: perform the mummies actions and then your action as the player.

Mummies Action:

  • Roll the dice and for each mummy you roll, move all mummies by one room.
  • If the mummy moves into a room with a player it immediately attacks.
  • Or place a heart – on one of the free heart spots on the mummy card, once you place the fifth card, the mummy awakes.

Player Action:

On your turn you can: Explore, Fight or Cooperate.

Explore – choose a room from your hand and add it to the path following the maze building rules. Then move your catventurer to the new room card. If the room doesn’t contain a torch, you will need to place one. Be careful, you only have a finite amount of torches.

Then draw one card for each path you connected on your turn. If you lay a sarcophagus, these have special powers that will activate when you move into the room.

Trigger a mechanism when you connect three of the different types of symbols. Once you gain three doors this opens the exit. And activates the boss mummy card who you will have to beat to win.

Fighting means that you attack a mummy, play cards from your hand, and add up the exits, then roll that amount of dice to hit the mummies. When a mummy loses its last heart, it is eliminated.

Cooperate means you take a break, re-group and share out cards to different players.

Get ready to Run, Run RUN!


Run, Run, Run can also be played in solo mode!

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