Save the Dragon


Immerse yourself in the role of a Prince or Princess competing to free the dragon.

But this dragon is guarded by an evil sorcerer who will launch enormous boulders to keep you away.

Dodge obstacles, hide behind shields and be the first to save the dragon to be pronounced saviour of the kingdom!

What’s in the box?

  • One staircase to the main keep
  • One Dragon’s room
  • One door
  • One boulder
  • Four Princess/Prince pieces
  • Two dice
  • 12 Bonus tokens
  • One shield

How to play:

On your turn, roll the movement dice and move your Prince/Princess the same number of spaces as indicated on the dice.

If the movement dice’s value is 1 or 2, you then throw the bonus action dice. You’ll get two options:

  • Either move the Shield or the Door
  • Or take the boulder and choose one of the two open doors to the dragon’s room to throw the boulder down! The boulder will hurtle down the stairs, possibly bringing Princes/Princesses down on its way!

The first to reach the top of the keep, enter the Dragon’s Room and set it free wins!


Save the Dragon reinforces fine motor, social play and light strategy skills.

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Blue Orange


1 – 4



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