Schotten Totten 2


The war between clans is stronger than ever in this explosive sequel! Send your troops to the front line to either attack or defend your position, as the smallest breach in the wall will be fatal!

What’s in the box?

  • 60 siege cards
  • 10 tactical cards
  • Seven wall tiles
  • Three boiling oil tokens
  • Two player aid cards

How to play:

Sit across from each other and choose one player to be the attacker and the other to be the defender. Place the 7 wall tiles side-by-side. Shuffle the siege cards and make a face-down deck. Each player draws 6 siege cards to make their hand, which they keep secret from their opponent.

The attacker takes the first turn.

On your turn, play through these phases in order:

  • Take a preparation action (optional): as the attacker you can retreat from the wall and as the defender you can throw an oil cauldron to push the attacker back.
  • Play a card – choose a card from your hand and place it in front of a wall tile to gain an advantage.
  • Draw a card – draw the top card from the deck. After you have drawn your turn ends and your opponent begins their turn.
  • Declare control (attacker only – optional): at any time during their turn, the attacker can declare control of any wall tile(s) where they have a complete formation. A formation is complete as soon as there are as many cards as rectangles drawn on the tile.

The attacker wins the game if they declare control of a damaged wall tile, or if they damage a fourth wall tile.

Or, when the last card in the deck is drawn, the attacker gets one last turn to try to win. If they don’t succeed, the defender wins.


Part of the IELLO mini-games range. Great for on the go gaming!

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