Shifting Stones

A game of rocky ruins. Rearrange the tiles to match patterns in your hand. Each time you flip or swap a tile, a card is sacrificed! Chisel out the most points and victory will be set in stone!

What’s in the box?

  • 77 Pattern Cards
  • 9 Stone Tiles
  • 5 Reference Cards

How to play:

A grid of nine stones lies before you. Rearrange the stones to match your Pattern cards and score points. The challenge is that cards may either be used to manipulate the stones or score points, but never both.

On your turn you may take as many actions as you’d like, and in any order, as long as you have cards to either discard or score. You can:

  • Shift Stones – Discard a Pattern card from your hand face up to the discard pile, then choose any two adjacent Stone tiles and swap their positions
  • Flip Stones – Discard a Pattern card from your hand face up to the discard pile, then choose a Stone tile and turn it over to its opposite side
  • Score a Card – Reveal a Pattern card from your hand that matches the current layout of the Stone tiles. Place that card face up in front of you, alongside any other cards you’ve scored
  • End Your Turn – You may end your turn at any time. When you do, replenish your hand back to 4 cards from the face down deck
  • Skip Your Turn – Instead of taking any of the other actions, you may skip your turn and draw 2 cards from the deck, bringing your hand up to 6 cards. You may not skip your turn twice in a row

Once any player has scored a specific number of Pattern cards (corresponding to the number of players), or more, this triggers the end of the game. To score a Pattern card, both the tile symbols and their orientation must match the Stone tile grid. After scoring a Pattern card, those points are yours for the rest of the game, even as the grid changes. You may only score a Pattern card on your turn and only once, even if the pattern shows up multiple times on the grid. Score the most points and win the game!


There is a solo play mode and Shifting Stones also reinforces pattern recognition and basic math skills!

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Dimensions 20.1 × 20.1 × 5.9 cm



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