Flip, stack and slap this loaf of cards to win!

Build sandwiches and double decker’s by turning cards over into a communal pile. But watch out, you will need to catch the thief and stop the munchers from stealing the stack! A sharp eye and a quick hand will prevail in this delicious snack game.

What’s in the Box?

  • 55 cards
    • 44 food cards
    • Three thief cards
    • Eight muncher cards
  • rules of play

How to Play:

The first player to collect all the cards wins the game.

Before you start, make sure you know the difference between the cards.

Shuffle and deal the cards equaly to each player, stack your cards in a pile face down in front of you – no peeking!

Moving around the circle to the left, take turns flipping your top card and tossing it onto the center pile. Being careful not to look at your card as you are flipping it.

SLAP the pile when you spot one of three things:

  • Double Decker – two of the same cards in a row.
  • Slamwich – two of the same cards separated by one that is different – makes a sandwich.
  • Thief – any one of the three thief cards.

The first player to slap the middle deck gets to keep the pile.

If a muncher card is played – the player to your left has to toss 1,2 or 3 cards on the centre pile and if there is a combination, it gives the other players a chance to stop the muncher and slap the pile. If a combination is not drawn, the muncher wins the deck.

When you are out of cards, you are out of the game. Keep playing till there is only one person left, the winner!


There are various alternate ways to play Slamwich, so you can play over and over again!

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