The world is aflame!

A hot and cold challenge! Use the snow cards and work to extinguish all the fire in play. Once you master this unique puzzle game, fire will be Snowhere to be seen!

What’s in the box?

How to Play

Shuffle the deck and place it on the table fire side up, then spread them across the table.

You can play solo or cooperative game where players take turns and discuss choices as you go. Each turn, you pick up a fire card that is not covered by any cards.

Turn the card over, if it has a snowflake on it, set it aside and go onto the next turn. If it is regular snow, add it to the playing area, covering fire cards, you can place it anywhere you choose as long as it touches another snow card. You can also not cover a whole fire card with a snow card.

Then, it’s the next persons turn to draw a fire card.

Once there is no legal fire cards to draw, the game ends. If there is no fire at all showing you have completed the puzzle.


You can also complete this challenge solo!

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