SOS Dino

The four volcanoes which were peacefully laying dormant have just erupted! Help Marie, Freddy, Nessie and Louis reach safety! Avoid the lava flows and meteorites, collect the eggs and seek shelter in the mountains.

A cooperative adventure for the whole family.

What’s in the box?

  • Four dinosaur figurines
  • One game board
  • Four volcanoes
  • Four mountains
  • Nine obstacles
  • 58 danger tiles
  • Six dino egg tokens
  • One big fabric bag

How to play:

You’re working to get all the dinosaur to safety, but you must collect all the eggs along the way!. On your turn, you complete three phases:

  • Draw a random tile from the bag
  • Place the tile on the gameboard

If you drew a lava tile, extend the lava flow that has flowers in the same colour. Lava tiles must be placed on an empty space, never on another tile, lake, or obstacle.

If you draw a meteorite tile, put it on the space with the same symbol as the tile you drew. If a dino is on this space, the dino is eliminated from the game.

  • Take the action on the tile

The tile will either tell you to move one or more dinos or to immediately draw another tile.

The game ends in one of three different ways:

  • The last dino on the board climbs a mountain.
  • The last dino on the board is eliminated by lava or meteorites.
  • There are no more danger tiles in the bag.

Count up how many points you have – each dino saved is worth 2 points, and each egg is worth 1. If you score 14 points , it means you means you have successfully saved all the Dinos!


SOS Dino is part of the LOKI range, created by IELLO. This range of games is aimed specifically at children.

You can play this solo! SOS Dino reinforces cooperative and decision-making skills.

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Additional information

Weight 1.28 kg
Dimensions 7.4 × 24.2 × 24.2 cm





1 – 4

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