Spin Circus


Welcome to the circus! Get ready to spin,spin and win!

In this circus, you are the star of the show. Spin the wheel and move down the track. When you land on a space with a stage act, you need to be ready to perform!

First to the end of the track wins and gets a standing ovation from the crowd!

What’s in the box?

  • 1 spinning wheel
  • 1 post
  • 3 acrobats clips
  • 5 player pieces
  • 1 acrobat dice
  • Illustrated rules


How to play:

Use the weight if the acrobat clip to spin the wheel to the number that will help you advance on the path and reach the end first to win!

Each turn has 5 steps.

Step 1. On your turn, roll the acrobat dice. That dictates what colour acrobat you will play this turn.

Step 2. Remove the acrobat from the wheel and memorise where it landed, and wait for the wheel to stabilise.

Step 3. Place the acrobat you are playing with back on the wheel, on an empty triangle space. Wait for the wheel to stop spinning and look at the number the arrow is pointing to.

Step 4. Move your artist piece forward on the track as many spaces as indicated by the arrow.

Step 5. Perform your act! Follow the action shown on the space your piece has landed on.

After you have carried out your action, your turn is over.

To win, you must end exactly on the last space of the path. You can only move your artist piece if the number on the wheel gets you closer or takes you to the last space without going over. If the number on the wheel is higher than what you need, stay where you are and wait for your next turn.


Spin Circus is full of hilarious actions and movements that will have you playing for hours!

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2 – 5

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