Sticky Cthulhu


The Ancient Cthulhu has been awakened and is HUNGRY! It’s time to eat… the ancient one spreads sticky tentacles to devour anything and everything it can! Catch and eat the cultists before your opponents to win! Sticky Cthulhu is hilarious, electrifying and totally slimy!

Sticky Cthulhu takes all the fun, chaos and hilarity from ‘Sticky Chameleons’ and brings it into the Ancient Cthulhu universe!

What’s in the box?

  • Eight sticky tentacles
  • 30 creatures tokens
  • Five investigator tokens
  • 30 deep ones tokens
  • 12 curse cards
  • Two dice

How to play:

Each player has a long sticky tentacle. On the table, lay out six types of creature tiles, along with a few investigator tokens.

Roll the two dice, one showing a colour and the other showing a creature.

All players race to grab the appropriately coloured creature tile by slapping it with their sticky tentacle as fast as they can. The round continues until someone removes the tile from their tentacle and holds it in their hand – that player then scores a point token. Play continues until all the tiles have been ‘eaten!’

As you collect ‘deep ones’ point tokens, you will suffer curses, meaning you will have to wield your tentacles in unusual ways – you have to keep your wits about you!

Whoever scores the most points, is the winner!


Sticky Cthulhu is a wonderfully sticky family game that tests your dexterity and speed!

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2 – 6



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