Bzzz, bzzz, there are way too many flies in here! Catch as many as you can with the flyswatter and be named ‘Greatest Fly Catcher’!

What’s in the box?

  • Five flyswatters
  • 11 fly-hunter tokens
  • One first player tokens
  • 36 fly cards

How to play:

Grab your flyswatter to try and build the biggest collection, to win!

Pay attention, though, because there are three different ways of building your set: collect flies of the same colour (regardless of the number on the cards), flies of the same number (regardless of their colour), or different colours and different numbers.

Each round, fly cards will be placed on the table, as many as there are players, minus 1… so you’ll have to be quick!

“1, 2, 3…” Smash your flyswatter on the card you want! Another player is claiming your card? The die on the flyswatter will decide who gets it: the player with the higher value on its swatter takes the card and adds it to their set.

Biggest set wins!


Superfly is part of the LOKI range, created by IELLO. This range of games is aimed specifically at children.

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3 – 5



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