Talisman – The Woodland (Expansion)


The unearthly Woodland is the home of the fae.

The woodlands expansion allows you to walk your own path through the Woodland corner board, encountering strange new creatures, events, and dangers.

At the end of your path, a meeting with destiny awaits, transforming your character’s future.

What’s in the box?

  • One corner board, depicting the wilds of the Woodland
  • Five character cards and plastic character figures (Ancient Oak, Leywalker, Scout, Spider Queen, Totem Warrior)
  • 103 woodland cards
  • 10 adventure cards
  • 20 path cards
  • 14 destiny cards
  • Five spell cards
  • Three alternative endings
  • Five growth tokens
  • Six spider tokens
  • Three portal tokens
  • Five hidden path tokens
  • Three totem spirit tokens
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2 – 6



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