In a nutshell – everyone has 10 dice, someone says go and everyone rolls together to try and get all their dice on the number they have chosen – but with 77 different ways to play TENZI you’ll never be short of fun. The base pack comes with 10 ways to play – be it Splitzi (get 5 dice with one number and 5 dice with another) Towerzi (build a tower) Stealzi (pinch your opponents dice).We’ve played this a LOT since our samples arrived – Roger seems to be the champion to date and he takes no prisoners – even if he’s demoing it to a customer he still plays to win (and he usually does!). The 9 unit CDU comes with a free demo deck that has 40 dice and an overview of ways to play so you don’t have to open a saleable item.

Why we love it

  • It’s super quick to learn and to demonstrate
  • We’re told that teachers are using TENZI to take the ‘fear’ out of timed tests
  • Brilliant for developing hand/eye co-ordination, decision making and matching
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