Tiki Topple


The Tactical Game of Totem Domination. Welcome to Tiki Island, home to nine colourful carvings all competing to be the top Polynesian Idol!

In this fast-paced strategy game, try to manoeuver your secret tikis to the top of the line by playing the right combination of action cards.

What’s in the box?

  • 55 cards
  • Nine custom tiki pieces
  • Four playing pawns
  • Game board

How to play:

The object of the game is to score the most points over a number of rounds by strategically playing your cards in order to manoeuvre your secret tiki pieces into the top three positions on the board.

On your turn, play one action card into a personal discard pile in front of you and move any tiki piece on the board according to the card action:

  • Tiki Up 1, 2 or 3 – take any active tiki piece and move it up 1,2 or 3 spaces in the line, shifting the other tiki’s down.
  • Tiki Topple – take any active tiki piece from anywhere in the line and move it to the very bottom of the line. Shift the other tikis up to fill the gap.
  • Tiki Toast – take the bottom-most active tiki piece and remove it from the board.

A round ends on one of two conditions:

  1. The sixth tiki is removed from the board (only three left).
  2. All players are out of cards.

After playing the same number of rounds as player count, if you have the highest number of points then you’re the Tiki master!


Tiki Topple reinforces strategic thinking and spatial relations.

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