Trash Pandas

The Game of Raucous Raccoons!

Paw through the deck to find luscious leftovers. Roll the die to tip over the garbage or raid a rival’s rubbish. The more you roll, the more actions you can take – but get too greedy and your turn is scrapped!

What’s in the box?

  • 54 cards
  • 6 wooden tokens
  • 1 custom die

How to play:

On your turn:

Roll the die and take the token that matches the die result from the middle. Then decide to either STOP or CONTINUE rolling. If you decide to stop, move to resolve tokens. If you continue, roll the die again and take the token that matches that roll result. However, if the die result ever matches a token you have already taken, you BUST and do not resolve ANY tokens.

Once you choose to stop rolling, you may then resolve each of the tokens you have collected in any order. Place each token back in the middle as you resolve it.

Once the last trash can card is drawn, the current player finishes their turn and the game ends. All players then discard any cards remaining in their hands, reveal stashed cards, and sort them by type. Add up the total number of cards per type and compare with opponents.

Count up and compare points – whoever has the most wins!


Trash Pandas reinforces visual discrimination and probability.

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Additional information

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 4.2 × 12.2 × 14.6 cm



2 – 4



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