Troll & Dragon


Brave the big troll and the terrible dragon to gather the most treasures to your King and win the game!

But beware, the more you fill up your bag, the more likely you are to wake up the monster and risk losing everything… Will you escape in time?

What’s in the box?

  • 60 diamonds
  • 50 gold nuggets
  • Five adventure packs
  • One troll hand
  • Eight dice
  • One monster den

How to play:

Each turn has two phases:

Enter the Diamond Grotto

Take the 4 Diamond Grotto dice and roll them. Resolve the dice according to the faces you rolled:

  • If you roll one or more diamond faces, take that amount of diamonds and put them next to your adventurer pack.
  • If you roll the Troll the die is blocked and you cannot reroll it.
  • If you roll a Key and Door, you can enter the Treasure Cavern.

Enter the Treasure Cavern

Take the Treasure Cavern dice and roll them as fast and as many times as you’d like. When you roll a face with one or two gold nuggets, take them and immediately place them next to your adventurer pack.

When you start rolling the Treasure Cavern dice, the other players take turns rolling the two Dragon dice. When both Dragon faces are showing you immediately stop rolling the dice and your turn ends. You lose all treasure you have gained and it is shared between the other players.

The game ends when there is no more treasure in one of the two locations. Add up the number of diamonds and gold nuggets in your adventurer pack. If you have the most valuable treasure you win!


Troll and Dragon is part of the LOKI range, created by IELLO. This range of games is aimed specifically at children.

Great introduction to push your luck games.

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