Twin it!


In this game of fast reflexes, quickly reveal cards featuring over 100 dazzling designs. Spot an identical pair and race to grab the match. But beware – some patterns are deceivingly close and others can be stolen if a third match appears! So focus your eyes and ready your hands – you’ve got to be in it to Twin it!

What’s in the box?

  • 135 cards
  • One sand timer

How to play:

Taking turns in a clockwise direction, players turn over a card from their pile (turning it towards the other players not themselves) and place it where there is room on the table.

At any time, if a player spots two identical designs, they must quickly place a hand on each card to win the pair. Pairs of cards that have been won are placed next to each other in front of the player that won them, matching pattern side up. Each pair is known as a set.

The player who won the pair restarts the game by turning over the top card from their deck.

If a design appears for a third time, players can put one hand on a previously won pair and one hand on the third card and win all 3 cards. Is this daylight robbery? Yes. Is it allowed? Absolutely!

When a pair is won that includes a card from a player’s draw pile, it might reveal a new matching set! This can lead to a chain reaction. In this case, the last player to have won cards restarts the game.

If a player makes a mistake, for example, putting their hands on 2 cards that do not match, they lose (if possible) a pair they have already won. The discarded pair is placed at the bottom of the player’s pile and they restart the game.

In the very rare event that 3 identical cards appear at the same time, the first player to claim two cards wins the set. The third card is turned over.

The first player to win 5 sets wins the game!


Twin It! comes in a handy travel sized tin for on-the-go gaming! Also, reinforces visual discrimination and hand-eye co-ordination skills.

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