Welcome to the Dungeon

You all stand at the entrance to the dungeon, but only one will enter: the bravest, the craziest, or maybe just the one who hasn’t had a chance to flee yet!

Are you tough enough to hit the dungeon? Or will you let someone else go down – and hope they stay down?

What’s in the box?

  • 13 monster cards
  • Four-player aids
  • Four adventurer tiles
  • 24 equipment tiles
  • Eight success cards

How to play:

The game plays out over several rounds, during which the players bid to determine who gets to take the Adventurer into the Dungeon. That one player will take the Adventurer into the Dungeon, drawing ever nearer to victory or defeat, depending on their success.

Each round contains two phases:

1. Bidding Phase:

Either draw a card from the monster deck or pass your turn. If you chose to draw a card, take the top card of the monster deck. Then either:

  • Add the monster to the dungeon.
  • Place the monster in front of you, face down.

Once all players but one have passed, the bidding phase ends. The remaining player must take the Adventurer into the dungeon all by themselves, with whatever equipment the Adventurer has left.

2. Dungeon Phase:

Reveal the cards from the dungeon pile, if you have equipment that can eliminate the monster, discard the monster without losing any HP. Otherwise, you lose HP equal to the monster’s strength. Continue like this until there are no more monsters in the dungeon. If you have remaining health points, you have succeeded, take a success card! If you have lost all your health points, you have failed, flip your player card onto the red side. If it is already on the red side, you are eliminated.

You win the game in either of the following ways:

  • You earn a second success card.
  • All the other players have been eliminated from the game.


Part of the IELLO mini games range. Great for on the go gaming!

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Dimensions 4.2 × 10.2 × 14.8 cm



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