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Q-BA-Maze Warm Puzzle

Q-BA-Maze Warm


The Warm Starter Box sets each contain 36 cubes in a “warm” three-colour palette.

Q-BA-Maze Zoom Stunt Set

Q-BA-Maze Zoom Stunt


Add the Zoom Stunt set to any Q-BA-Maze marble runs you already have and put the laws of motion to the test!

Set includes two Coaster Tubes, a Marble Vortex and 10 Marbles.

Cubes not included.

Q-bitz Family Board GameQ-bitz Family Board Game



Say goodbye to boredom and challenge your mind and each other with this family-fun puzzle game!

Round one is all about speed, round two requires a bit of luck and round three tests brain power!

Claim the most cards to win.

Q-bitz Extreme Family Board Game

Q-bitz Extreme


Players each get their own Q-bitz Extreme board with 16 cubes, and race to be first to replicate the curving pattern to win the card.

The player with the most cards at the end of the game is declared the champion!

Q-bitz Junior Children's Board GameQ-bitz Junior Children's Board Game

Q-bitz Junior


The perfect introduction to Q-bitz, with sets of four cubes and 60 pattern cards.

Players race to recreate the pattern with their cubes – fastest player wins the card!

A fun way to introduce your child to pattern matching, spatial reasoning and problem solving.

Q-bitz Solo Orange Edition Family Board Game

Q-bitz Solo (Orange Edition)


20 new pattern cards, a wooden tray, 16 cubes and instructions, all packed in a travel-friendly tin box!

Use Q-bitz Solo as a solitaire challenge or to add another player, a new colour and additional pattern cards to the original Q-bitz game.

Queendomino Family Board GameQueendomino Components Family Board Game



Tax lands wisely, erect your buildings carefully to try and win the favour of the Queen all whilst avoiding the Dragon’s flame.

Queendomino is both a standalone game and an expansion of the 2017 Spiel des Jahres recipient, Kingdomino.

It offers more complex challenges, a new territory, and a way for more players to participate.

Qwantum Strategy Board Gameqwantum strategy board game



After Qwixx and Qwinto, here comes the third strike!

Enter numbers in your grid that are always higher than the previous turn – until those totals need to go lower once again…

qwinto strategy board gameqwinto strategy board game



A follow on from the award-winning bestseller Qwixx.

It’s a race to fill your scoresheets with numbers as quickly – and as highly – as possible in order to score the most points!

Qwirkle Family Board Game



Over 4 million copies sold worldwide!

Mix, match, score and win! Qwirkle is a must-have for your next family game night.

A simple game of quick thinking and tactical manoeuvres. Match colours and shapes in a row or column to score points!

Qwirkle Cubes Family Board GameQwirkle Cubes Family Board Game

Qwirkle Cubes


A sequel of sorts to Qwirkle with the goal of the game being the same as before, just with cubes!

The same concept as Qwirkle, but now you can roll your cubes to try and score more points!

Qwirkle Rummy Card Game

Qwirkle Rummy


Create sets by matching shapes or colours.

Any player can add to any set or switch cards in the sets, but the real payoff happens when a set of all 6 is completed and a Qwirkle is scored!

The player with the most Qwirkles after the last card is drawn wins the game.

Qwirkle Travel Family Board Game

Qwirkle Travel


All your Qwirkle needs, but easier to pack!

It’s the same brilliant game, now travel sized. Aim for a complete set of 6 to score a Qwirkle!

qwixx strategy board gameqwixx strategy board game



A quick-playing dice game in which everyone participates, no matter whose turn it is.

To score points you want to mark off as many numbers as possible!

Whoever has the highest score wins.

Rat-a-Tat Cat Card GameRat-a-Tat Cat Components Card Game

Rat-a-Tat Cat


A game of suspense, strategy, anticipation and a little luck. The object of the game is to get rid of the high cards (rats) and go for the low cards (cats).

Sneak a peek, draw two, or swap cards for an added twist. Bonus super peek lets you spy on opponents’ cards.

Low score wins the game and a poker face helps!

Rat-a-Tat Roll Children's Board GameRat-a-Tat Roll Children's Board Game

Rat-a-Tat Roll


Roll around the world with Rat-a-Tat Roll, which puts a fresh spin on the best- selling Rat-a-Tat Cat card game – dice!

Move around the board trying to collect cats while avoiding rats. Choose one, two or three dice, keeping re-roll tokens handy in case you miss your mark.

Look out for peeks, swaps and especially the chancy “wild” spots, where things could really get dicey!

Get the lowest score and Rat-a-Tat Catapult to victory!