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Vineyard JigsawVineyard Jigsaw

Vineyards, 2000 pcs


A fabulous image of a Vineyard that translates beautifully into a jigsaw puzzle.

A challenge for any puzzler!

Schmidt Volvo EC380E Children's Jigsaw

Volvo, EC380E, 100 pcs


From renowned jigsaw maker Schmidt, comes this 100-piece Volvo jigsaw puzzle.

Features the EC380E Crawler Excavator.

This puzzle is perfect for any machinery fan aged 6+. Each completed puzzle measures 361mm x 243mm.

Schmidt Volvo L120GZ A40F EC750D Children's Jigsaw

Volvo, L120GZ/A40F/EC750D, 150 pcs


From renowned jigsaw maker Schmidt, comes this 150-piece Volvo jigsaw puzzle.

Features a collection of Volvo machinery including the LG120GZ, A40F and EC750D.

This puzzle is perfect for any machinery fan aged 7+. Each completed puzzle measures 432mm x 291mm.

Schmidt Puzzle Waterfall JigsawSchmidt Puzzle Waterfall Jigsaw

Waterfall, 1000 pcs


Manufactured to Schmidt’s Premium Quality 6 Star-Quality. The 6 unique advantages are:

  • Great variety of forms thanks to individually shaped pieces
  • Perfect cohesion thanks to specially-developed cardboard which is 2.25 mm thick
  • Perfect accuracy of fit thinks to an especially fine punching knife
  • Special matt varnish for jigsaw puzzles without reflections
  • Linen structure
  • Exclusive design

Combined, the quality and fit of Schmidt’s six star quality means that a 1,000 piece puzzle can be lifted up vertically once complete without the need of any puzzle conserver making this jigsaw a satisfying experience for any puzzle lover.

Welcome Back to the Dungeon Card Game

Welcome Back to the Dungeon


The sun is shining in the Abysmal Woods where you’re strolling without a care in the world, your weapon at your belt, dreams of adventure in your head. On your path, you stop before a damaged dungeon door. It seems that great battles took place here, a sure sign of coveted treasure inside.

You recognise this dungeon from the ballads sung in your village! However, you’re not the only one who wants to enter, despite the warnings left around the entrance by the previous adventurers. Will you muster your courage to break open the door or will you let your opponents brave the monsters found inside? Let the adventure begin!

Welcome to the Dungeon Card GameWelcome to the Dungeon Components Card Game

Welcome to the Dungeon


You all stand at the entrance to the dungeon, but only one will enter: the bravest, the craziest, or maybe just the one who hasn’t had a chance to flee yet!

To see who has the guts to enter, take turns setting aside equipment or adding monsters to the dungeon. Are you tough enough to hit the dungeon? Or will you let someone else go down — and hope they stay down?

Winston Card Game



The longer the dog, the funnier the game!

Make the longest dachshund to collect the most points, or else you will end up with…dog poo!

Schmidt Wolf in the Moonlight JigsawSchmidt Wolf in the Moonlight Jigsaw

Wolf in the Moonlight, 1000 pcs


You can howl toward the moon once you’ve completed this wolf themed jigsaw.

A challenge for any puzzler!

The completed puzzle measures: 493 mm x 693 mm.

Yum Yum Island Children's Board GameYum Yum Island Children's Board Game

Yum Yum Island


The island is populated with hungry animals that you and your fellow players must feed.

Roll the die to determine how much food is needed and try to place the food in the animal’s mouth, whilst being blindfolded!

Watch out for the giant – he will try to steal the food first!

Zeus on the Loose Card Game

Zeus on the Loose


The great Greek God has bolted from Mount Olympus and it’s up to you to nab this dashing deity.

Grab Zeus when the total reaches a multiple of 10 or use the power of the Gods to help!

Zombie Kidz Evolution Childrens Board GameZombie Kidz Evolution Components Childrens Board Game

Zombie Kidz Evolution


Zombies have invaded your school!

In this first legacy-style game for kids, the more you play, the more the game transforms!

Complete special missions to unlock new features. In time, you’ll gain new powers, but be careful, the zombies will become more ferocious as well…

Can you lock all four doors before the zombies take over?

Zoo Run Children's Board GameZoo Run Children's Board Game

Zoo Run


Discover two games in one box!

Work together to free as many animals as possible from the zoo before the zookeeper arrives.

Then play head-to-head to win the frantic karting race with your favourite animal!